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Battle is terrible

I was considering spending a $100 on gems so I could get some more legendary cards. Was considering signing up for the $9.99 subscriber thing to get some legendary cards too. So $110 on a mobile game that really is quite silly, but I was considering it. And then I lost 3 times in a row on battle first go. I don’t even do battle for fun, I only do it when it’s required for a daily quest. I already went from 2500+ trophies down to 2300 losing like 10/12 in a row for some reason. And now am close to falling out below that number, which probably puts me in Arena 6 again? Maybe as players buy cards, and I don’t, I fall behind the “competitive players.” But almost every time I buy cards, play just gets harder, there’s no reward for leveling up gear or getting better gear. I’m doing worse now than I did before I leveled up characters. I supposed it helps with Explore and Challenge mode to some degree. Again, it does nothing for or guild rallies or guild raids, the monsters just increase in level, I don’t get through any more rooms. And then I still get wiped out in battle. In the draft, with all equal lvl 15 characters my win to lose ratio is good enough that I don’t want to break my phone or tell anyone to go f themselves. But the battle system is apparently garbage. And because it’s garbage, I’m like “no. no fing way. I’m not spending money on this game.” I’ve deleted this game and reinstalled it once. Usually when I delete a game twice I don’t ever reinstall it. It’s just not worth the anger. But //I’ve already invested// in this game, so I think, “well that money was a waste to spend.” Of course it was! It’d be a waste now. I should just cut my losses. Seriously you all do terrible. The goal should be to drain me of my money, encourage me to spend $110 on a silly mobile game, I was considering it… I was on the hook, and then you guy’s make such a awful game that I just completely spit it out. I only have belligerent things to say. If it’s going to be not fun, I can just wait and get legendary cards slowly. I can lose 5 battles in a row, whatever, I can drop down to arena level 1. Whatever you guys want to do with your game. But you make it unfun and instead of encouraging me to “buy more to stay competitive or get an edge” I just think “f this. no.” So your reverse psychology or whatever it is, or your simple bad game programming, whatever it is. No. :-1:t3: I’m just pretty annoyed at this game. Clash Royale was like this and whatever money I burned on that game, I just had to let it go. It’s not worth the aggravation of paying money into a game to just get creamed. I can spend $60 on console game, why am I spending money on this?? I have no clue. I’m not. No fing way.

What would really improve battle is a forfeit button. “Welp their first 2 attacks killed 3 of my players, I’m now toast. Guess I’m out.” I still have to suffer the stupidity of moving my character into the fire or back and forth until it dies." Seriously. battle is terrible.


I have won so many I was sure I was going to lose and vice versa that I have lost count. Dice are unforgiving. I know this will never change no matter how much I spend or what gear I have. You obviously know this too. That’s not the reason I spend money.

Dice don’t determine getting outmatched ten times out of every ten match ups, usually by 6-7 levels. That’s just poor design.

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I agree!! Battle is horrible! Frustrating and not fun! I constantly will be matched up with characters a level or two above my characters even if I have the same leveled chargers in my rooster. So many complaints but of course “ it’s the role of the die”.

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I have a quest to win 5 battles. I just finished playing for 45 minutes. I watched the clock and kept thinking “I need to stop, I need to stop, I’ve been playing this game for too long.” After 45 minutes I finally did decide to just quit. I checked the quest tracker.

3/5 battles won.

in 45 minutes.

I am never ever ever ever going to pay money for this game or be a VIP member. I don’t know why I don’t delete it. I keep wanting to throw my phone across the room.

My blood pressure could use a meditation app and not this game. I wish at least the explore mode were fun and had any sort of story. I would love a little more RPG quests and dungeons to do. But the linear, until it gets too hard and you can’t progress anymore or the battle. I just… I run out of words… I keep complaining about this, at some point I need to do myself the favor and just delete the game and not look back. I have books to read. in 45 minutes I could’ve had a chapter of something worthwhile read. I spent it trying to get 3/5 battles won.



We have some agreement. I just ordered a book, due to arrive Monday, just so I will tear myself away from the game. :scream:. Hopefully. I can easily sit down and realize two hours have flung by. But, that’s not a bad thing for me.

Agree, it’s the fact that it’s so unequal nothing like playing in a battle (either event or battle mode) and have your opponent characters hit critical and special ability while you keep missing (just played a battle where I missed 4 attempts; opponent never missed and hit to critical hits- naturally I lost didn’t even kill 1 character).
I have thought of spending money but after seeing the unequal and inequality in battles modes, refuse to now!