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Stuck to one image for new users? Come on…

Having issues on an iPhone 8, have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and have done a soft restart of my phone, pretty much every standard thing you do, and I am loosing matches because of this glitch/technicality, and here’s the thing. It’s not constant, it’s sporadic. One match might go fine, another all haywire. Some 50/50… I am on a stable connection, I play far more immersive games on this phone and my PC with no lag, ping, frame rate or line chatter issues.

So with the one pic above, you may not be able to tell, but i have no attack options, even tho I should have, and I also have a screen shot of entering a match and sitting on a screen while I hear my Dino fighting and I can see nothing. Exiting the app brings it back in once it loads again, but one Dino is dead and the other half way there… unfair to have to compete against others with the systems glitching also a factor. 1 on 2 odds favor me infrequently

It’s in game in my opinion, and I am simply informing and hoping for a patch and I doubt any in game reembursement, but I would settle for not broken gameplay



Yes, I have the same issue as well but it has not been as frequent as before. These days I am just facing way stronger opponents. I just faced a level 30 Erlikosaurus when my strongest dino was a level 17 Einiosaurus. I managed one hit on the opponent the entire battle and got cleaned out. How many coins does one need to level up a dino to level 30???


Just had another battle. How did my Utahraptor level 18 just lost to a Utahraptor level 13? Plus all my strikes will leave just a wee bit of life in the opponent so that they can strike back? Ludia had better sort this out cos it is pissing me off and I am already thinking of unsubscribing from the VIP membership. Lost 3 battles in a row against weaker opponents…


Spells/moves disappearing

Hey WickedSmaaht, thanks for reporting this, our team is aware of this issue, and they’re looking into it. Reach out to them here at with more information and any screenshots you have to assist them with the investigation. Also, make sure to include your support key in the email.

If this happens again, try pressing the “swap” button, then cancelling the swap and see if it helps.


Same issue, frequently getting no attack options or disconnected halfway through a battle only to reconnect and find I’ve lost battle points as a result.
Getting a bit fed up of playing now as you spend ages trying to build up points and progress and then lose stuff because of issues in the game


Posting in these forums are great cos since I complained about mismatches, I have been getting weaker opponents. Hahaha…still lost half of them though. Just met my first all-raptors opponent. Lost that one.


Update: Just encountered my first all Level 30 dinos opponent, well 3 of them anyway (with Level 30) cos the 4th one didn’t have to make an appearance. Actually I was surprised that I lasted that long in the battle. Actually took down 1 of them.


If you already used pounce and a weaker raptor comes in it can usually tank your strike then pounce you. It’s a typical strategy.


Ned, swap didn’t help. After closing the app and reopening I found that all my actions had taken effect but didn’t display. There were a few moves left but most of my team was gone by the time I got back in. Haven’t seen yet since new update 1.13.11 07/25/2018.


Yes but we got on together. I used my critical strike and didn’t dispatch it but the opponent got rid of me in one go. Perhaps my “criticality” wasn’t as strong as my opponent’s. Hahaha


If you came in together and you didn’t have armor that is where the raptors still shine.


Hi all,
I’ve been experiencing same and similar issues as OP. For me the scenario is usually this:

The battle opens and the game asks me to choose my first dino. I make my choice and dino enters the battlefield. Then the opponent does not appear, attack options do not appear and i am asked to choose my first attack. Timer is counting down while everything remains invisible. Only thing to do is restart, to find my first dinosaur killed…

The weird thing is, I’ve had this kind of bugs a lot when the game first went live, but things got better after that. Since the last update however, bugs seem to be back with a vengeance…

So, hopefully Ludia is working on a fix? Pretty please?


Yes, but we were both using Utahraptors.


Yeah dude. Whichever raptor goes first wins.


critical attack has a higher chance to be critical, it’s not always a critical, so probably your attack was not critical and his was.


Yeah, I thought so too.


New fiasco: Anyone out there encountered a dino that struck 3 times in a row without the stunning ability? I sent out a lvl 17 tragodistis & the opponent sent out a lvl 17 dilophosaurus. The opponent struck first even though our speed is the same. Perhaps he inputed the move first. Fair enough. Then he struck me a second time. AND he struck me a third time to finish me off. Seems like the “move” arrow is perpetually on his side. Ludia, get the XXX battles right!!!
Pogo…I might be going back to you…


This is what Ludia should do when sending out AI dinos

My photoshopping skills are improving


@Ned, swapping didn’t work for me. A few times the controls started working halfway or more through. Everything I had done took effect but I couldn’t see that or what the opponent was up to before it’s cleared. Usually have to force close JWA and restart it. Usually everything’s normal after that and sometimes I even win the match on autopilot or after regaining control.

There are many reports of unusually long waits for response from the Support Center, some over a month. High volume from a new app and numerous changes on that and the already existing ones automatically results in call volume increases. Apparently angry users are cheaper than extra call center crew members. That being the case I haven’t even attempted to report the issues in seeing and am not alone in. I’d almost certainly miss the response and the ticket would be closed before I found it. I just restart the app faster as a work around until better times.