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Battle levels?

Not sure where this question goes, but I’ve been stuck down in Lockdown today from the Sorna Marshes, which happens. My question is this: If Lockdown is for the 2000-2500 range, why am I battling against players who are well above the 3000 mark? Shouldn’t they be way up in the Marshes and not Lockdown? How is this fair? Or has this become a free for all for higher players?

the old arena drop question is back.

What you are seeing when you see someone’s trophy count is actually their highest score for the season. So if you see someone who has say 3000 trophies, that is their high score. At that point in time, they could be in the 2500 range. And isn’t Lockdown 2500-2999? I could be wrong though.

Thanks for the reply Erlikg2. I completely forgot about the high trophy levels being different than the actual trophy count. Thank you, it helped me a lot.