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Battle matchmaking

Battle matchmaking is a joke. The opponents arent even close. I am matched with people 2 levels above me. It isnt even close.

@tnesmith39, the developer would be hard-pressed to find someone who disagrees with you. There are many threads similar to the one tagged below where players have commented on the obscene matchmaking algorithm.

Unfortunately, the developer has confirmed they are aware most players dislike the system.
However, they adamantly refuse to alter these mechanisms because the algorithms ‘work as intended’.

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Very well I withdraw my subscription. That will work just as i intend it to. When PVP is more balanced I may re-subscribe again. There is no way can beat half the PVP encounters it matches me with no matter what I do. Then you factor in half the time PVP crashes and you have to reboot game. Cancel my subscription PLEASE.



Cancel my subscription now. I cant find the link to cancel it.

Its total unwinnable you just cant win with level 10 vs 17! Heroic is just unwinnable i dont want to delete the game but I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY NERVES HERE. So the comunity we want to be placed only with same lvl heroes not ranks or renown!!!

I just faced another PVP match with someone two levels above me. I was totally demolished without even harming my opponent. How can that work as intended? Does the developer REALLY intend to put us into matches we have no chance of winning? As a subscriber, I don’t understand this mentality. I am paying, why aren’t the matches at least close?

The battle matchmaking is bad enough as it is, but when you throw events into the mix, it’s ridiculous.

When an event is on, they match event players with battle players. If i’m in a battle and see a player with 500 trophies less than me and 2 or 3 levels lower, they are likely in the event and i will tank it on purpose. Maybe give them a much needed event win. Why not? It costs me little. If this became a general practice it may force the devs to actually work on making matching more even.

My buddy and I started game at same time. I am way more active than he is, especially in battles. Not that it should matter, but I have even spent more money than he has, as I started VIP at the beginning, and he just started it last month. He is behind me in hero levels, but not by much. Last 4 test of might events, I have lost first 3 battles of the 2nd tier, when losses first start counting. He has cruised to getting all the Silverhand weapons. When your game rewards and/or incentives not playing your game, maybe reconsider your design.

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This is how bad the matchmaking is. I just fought a match in which my opponent disconnected twice. I killed three of his guys during his disconnects and on his last reconnect he came back and killed all 4 of my guys with his one guy who was less than 200 hp. If you call this working as intended, what would you call broken? I am thinking that would be all of the pvp disconnects every 4th match. The matchmaking is horrible.

Did you perhaps play against me? I had just my paladin left after a disconnect and still won against a human player. A mix of nothing but misses from them and stupefying damage from my paladin had me laughing and crying at the same time. Sorry about the loss. I actually felt guilty about it.

I had something similar with my Paladin and just glad it was against a bot so I didn’t feel bad. The bot’s Barbarian literally missed 13 times in a row! I had the Paladin on death’s door and the bot’s Barbarian had taunt/counterattack so it seemed hopeless. That owl can really cause some crazy outcomes!

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Wow, my level 13 and 14 characters were put against 3 lvl 20 bots and 1 lvl 19 bot in PVP. As expected I got annihilated.

Not sure if this is what the developers call enjoyable. Maybe for them.

@Ravensclaw, the Event match making algorithm has been manipulated by the developers. It differs significantly from the Battle Mode algorithm. Unfortunately, the intent of these alterations appears to be increased revenues, not player enjoyment. There are numerous threads on match-making concerns. While most developers avoid such tactics, they are not uncommon in the trade.

The only potential work around identified for the current Event algorithm is to maintain a low ‘highest’ trophy count. This does not provide immediate improvement but eventually event match-ups become favorable. Additionally. a player is far less likely to be frustrated by losses in Battle Mode when the player is actively not concerned with exceeding previous ‘highest’ trophy counts.

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2 levels above you? they are being kind lol

I just dont put any effort in ToM cause i face either these or loading screen. On a good day i win 1 every 4 matches

LOL, that’s real bad. This game trolls horribly.

And yeah since the most recent reset, I am being trolled again by lvl 20’s. Only this time they are real players.