Battle matchup algorithms


I cannot get ahead, meaning I cannot win battles in most new tournaments because the battle matchup algorithms are way off in all three “Worlds”.

Please correct this. Thank you.

Most of my battles are impossible to beat. Although I understand not everyone can play in and beat all the battles that are presented every week, it just seems a little ridiculous. Thanks again.


@McLarenMB, outside of Tornaments and the practice areanas, much of the matchup has been strongly influenced by the top end of your line. It’s referred to as balance and if your high end is close to equal strength in each class then you should be able to win any match you get even if it requires class advantage.

Areanas match what’s submitted and Tournament matches depend on the progress at the level at that time. The higher you go the harder the matchups. Usually the same is true the longer the event has been in progress. If you submit low for the range at a certain point you often get massively OP’d until you get into the proper range other times you get outplayed in ways most can’t successfully counter.

Hope that helps


Not really, I love going 0-6. I don’t mind losing, but at the same time going 0-6 is a little ridiculous. Especially when I’m out of incubators trying to fill them up. I’m going to be 4-24 by the time everything is said and done.