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Battle mode and zero-sum gaming

For battle mode, the number of trophies won by the winner is equal to the trophies lost by the lose.

Therefore when battling between players, the sum total of trophy count remains equal.

If the system was closed, players could only achieve higher leagues by shifting the distribution of trophies from the weak to the strong.

However, it is not a closed system: trophies won from bots are added to the sum total and trophies lost to bots are taken away.

I’ve been experimenting with a new tactic: for the first 20 or days of the season, I try to win against AI and lose to human players.

This should have a minor effect on adding trophies to the sum total.

It keeps the AI matches relatively easy, and let’s some players have a free win and maybe get a new league’s rewards.

I wonder what would happen if more players implemented this strategy.

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That is an intriguing experiment

That is… an interesting observation, I’ve never thought about that. Before they redid the matchmaking, the major complaint was fighting bots all the time. So they rework matchmaking to heavily prioritize actual players, and it becomes very difficult to gain trophies. And that should be directly related to the lack of bots to fight…

Interestingly, the first few days of the season, while I am in burntbone, most of my matches are against human foes. However, after a quick increase in trophies, this reverses and my matches are almost exclusively against bots, which i prefer.

It would be interesting to see how tanking against humans for just a couple of days would impact the bots thereafter.

From my experience, I think the bots scar based on recent win/loss and league. I get level 16 bots all the time when in burntbone, but have to be on a losing streak to get them in Labyrinth. There is a distinct bump in bot level and difficult when I bounce myself between the two leagues

I rarely lose to human opponents in Burntbone, and I am wondering if losing early to human opponents over a short period might reduce the difficulty level of the bots, similar to how Retsamerol has experienced easier AI after losing to humans over an extended period.

I have wondered what factors determine bot difficulty in the various leagues, as various players in the same league have battled significantly different bots regardless of win streak. For example, in Burntbone League some players face level 13 bots, others level 16, while some like myself are restricted to level 18-20 bots. I have inquired with support, but the development team is unwilling to provide this information. To combat these unknown system mechanics I have unilaterally found some success via adapting how I level heroes and items. Perhaps early success rates against human opponents is another contributing factor.

Trophy count doesn’t matter that much. It’s all about your account and recent win/loss record as far as I can tell.

I am curious Tyr , Is that photo from a regular PvP batlle or from a TOM event?

Generally the bots I encounter in regular PvP are slotted at a lower trophy count than my own. When I win I usually get somewhere between 15 and 25 trophies. The battle shown in your photo should provide you with 40 trophies. I don’t think I have ever won 40 trophies from a bot. You are quite fortunate.

I don’t waste time with test of trash. That was normal pvp. Bots don’t give 50 points. I think bots are 50% trophies. Might be wrong never bothered trying to figure it out.

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It is correct that bots give half the trophies. Also it used to be a random amount between 10 and 50 trophies based on arbitrary trophy counts for the bots. Now it is just based on your trophy count. I was getting 15 for a win at first when reset to 3500, then 10 for a win I think starting around 3800, now 5 for a win.

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I had not noticed the trophy reward for defeating bots was not related to the arbitrary trophy count. This helps explain why the trophy reward is always so low.

@retsamerol that is some quality Game Theory right there. nice.

Worth noting though is that at lower rankings you can earn substantially more than 10 trophies from a bot. If I’m on a winning streak and I choose the “battle now” option, I’ll often be matched against bots with characters 3+ levels above me and several hundred trophy points higher. In those instances I get more like 25-35 trophies for a win than 10 and when I lose it’ll only be about 10-15 trophies. More often than not for me at around the 3000 trophies mark fighting bots even upscaled ones is easier than human opponents. I regularly get matched against level 14-16 character humans with my 12-13 teams. :confused: