Battle mode broken


Anyone else thinks the battle mode is broken ??

  • Velociraptor first pick and attack : auto-win
  • The swap between dino’s is very unfair.
  • dc due to game issues in battle: auto-loss.

Please fix your game before releasing it !!

Battle glitches?

@Stefan_Dries and thats not the only problem there is. In arena 7 the matchmaking is just merely a joke. My highest level dino is lv20 yet i get paired with opponents which have epic or even legendary dinos at lv30. How is this supposed to be a fair fight?


The velociraptor is not that OP if you counter it with a armored dinos. I can take out level 10 raptors with my ankylo. I do think the battle system needs work though,


They are probably Arena Bots … Lv. 30 sounds really high.

And Velociraptor is great for a Common, but still not an easy win. There are enough possible counters. If Velociraptor is wiping your whole Team, you should rearrange your selection probably.


That opponent is a bot, you won’t see anyone on the leaderbord use the same team as that opponent.
The bots always use high level common or rare dinos, but can still beat you up.


After level 14 the Vraptor doesnt get stopped by staggy… no. Pounce is very OP. The move should be updated with a 1 turn delay.

Uploading… now i get to watch fights from this screen. Even if i close the app abd reload it.


If you’re getting beaten by VR, you need to work on your lineup. :woman_shrugging: My VR is level 15 and it regularly gets its butt kicked by things with high HP and/or armor. I recommend getting Einiosuchus. It’s an easy hybrid to find DNA for, it’s got good defense, and a good attack, and they can take out my raptor almost every time.


Ok so this just happened has anyone else experienced this? The game crashes while seaching for an opponent and when i reopen the game it says this everytime it crashes while searching for an opponent and takes my trophies


You wont always auto lose, I’ve had fights where the battle cut out and I back out, but then came back and I had won. Have a good team and you wont always get screwed over, but I agree that the battle system needs major tweaks. VR is one of my my favorite opponents to fight. So easy to wreck, my VR is actually kinda low level right now but hes a bait until I get him leveled. Idk why people complain about it so much.


So I just tried to battle, and the clock ran down to zero on the ‘waiting for opponent’ screen. The game froze, so I closed it, then re-opened it.
When the game opened again, it opened on the final move of a ‘battle’: just in time for me to see my third Dino go down and losing 30 trophies!
I like the update a lot, but the game is still so glitchy… anyone else have this problem?


Yes I have had the exact same glitch happen to me
4 times tonight through the 30 or so matches I played.


Had this happen so many times.


Mine aren’t loading now, i’ve managed to play one battle since the update!


Same here. Love the update maps except battles are not working . Wont let me click anything or switch and i automatically lose the battle


This happened to me for the first time today.


I have had that happen quite often along with losing connection, in my living room with full bars, the battle slows then by the sounds I hear my dino gets knocked out and the next one comes in all while I cannot get the buttons to work. Very frustrating.