Battle mode level playing field, don't think so

Guys, i’m a level 8 player with level 12-16 dinos and 1900s trophies reaching Badlands. What I notice is that since i reach this 1900 trophies mark, the battle opponents are getting ridiculous. I battled level 18 trex and Sinos. Level 17 Concave, and any other higher level dinos. I read the tips when I was waiting for opponent, it says JWA will search for opponents with the same number of trophies and dino power. I don’t think so, higher level dinos don’t have the same power with lower level dinos, that’s for a start. Same number of trophies? well I watched this guy playing on youtube, he is a level 8 player with level 13 dinos and battling level 7-9 dinos and he won them very easily. He is also reaching Badlands. You can watch the video below. His Youtube account is iGameplay1224. So even level playing field? Well you need to work better than that JWA. So, i’m done with this game,wasting time and battery. Too many flaws.

You are not the only one with this problem, just read some random topics here and there :slight_smile:
There are many issues with matchmaking and boosts, so getting an equal opponent is very rare. Despite that, it is possible to progress, just takes time and devotion. Do you like the game for the battles, or for collecting dinos. If it’s the former, then you are out of luck in the current state of the game. That doesn’t mean it will never get better, but it’s been bad for 2 patches in a row now.

I know your playing range. You face people with over leveled alliance mission rewards and a few others. You fight a sinosaurus every other battle because those happen to be one of the better ones to fight with because the slow and stuns that stun pretty much 100% of the time.

I got to bad lands with a level 11 team using a couple bleeders and swap in stunners. I also had a level 13 Smilodon at the time.

I play only levels 15 and 16 dino’s right now in the middle of badlands and run into level 19 over leveled and boosted alliance mission rewards. I often keep a bleeder or two on my team as counters.

Matches are pretty even by way of team level average, not necessarily trophy’s. But it tends to look unfair because players have 3 or 4 level 16, 17, 18’s and 4 level 11, 12 and 13’s but they use the higher ones when they get picked. On average their teams are level 13 to 15.

My team average is pretty much 15.5 and play other teams with a wide range of dino levels from 12 to 19 as what I’ve run into. Also badlands is where the boosted teams start.

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Same problem to me. I am at level 20 with around 42xx points. I was losing against 7 different opponents in a row each having 44xx to 47xx points. Additionally I got subtracted 30+ points each battle . Battle value calculation is b***