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Battle mode so broken it just not worth doing it!

IT IS TIME TO LET BATTLE MODE DIE because it has no chance of ever working properly in the foreseeable future or ever again for that matter if something is not done to fix this problem now before it gets too far past the point of no return!!!.
Its happened yet again JWAs BATTLE MODE is so far broken it is worse than a pile of broken china plates completely smashed to the point of obliteration.!.
Week after week we have had to put up with a battle mode that does not work properly … period !
despite constant requests from players asking that battle mode be fixed and fixed urgently here we are weeks / months later still asking the very same question >>> LUDIA will this problem ever be fixed and if so when or at the very least an approximate timeline of when it will be fixed by.?.
Doing the weekly alliance tasks let alone the normal daily tasks / quests is also broken as all heck we cant even dart dinosaurs properly anymore because there is now a bug with that as well… making it worse for every player of the game because the darts fired at dinosaurs CURVE after being fired ! missing their intended target completely, combine that with the broken battle mode and you have one very serious problem indeed !.
Thousands of battles are required each week to complete the alliance tasks, and combining all the daily battles of all players world wide is an even bigger nightmare as well leading into astronomical figures of battles needed doing each and every week ( something on the order of 300,000 battles world wide by every player combined per week and when your looking at figures like that then you have a snowballs chance in hell of ever completing the allotted normal daily tasks let alone doing the alliance tasks of battles as well.
LUDIA can something please be done about this and soon hopefully before players start giving away the game because it no longer works as intended or should work.?.
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I can battle just fine… what’s the problem? Your rant claims it is so broken but doesn’t say how.


To whom it may concern.
regarding the ongoing problem with battle mode in general this bug has spread so far now it is affecting the whole game arena battles, friendly challenges, strike tower battles it is rapidly becoming a nightmare just to try and keep up with it all.
trying to get a battle going let alone having it last long enough until one person / player is the eventual winner is another ball game entirely i have had battles drop out right in the middle of arena battles and any chance i had of getting any trophies goes right out the window faster than you can blink in a hurricane, friendly battles either glitch out, drop out, or simply just dont work whenever you click on the appropriate icon / button to initiate the battle and we get a pop up message that says ** your match has timed out ** or ** waiting for opponent ** when battle has already commenced but suddenly that message pops up and the game instantly reboots itself .?.
Plus strike tower battles are now dropping out right in the middle of doing battles as well or when you click on the ** battle icon ** it does not work at all or simply keeps flashing every time you click on it, plus there is also the ** grey screen ** that appears too often when i try to battle in either friendly challenge mode or arena battles as well .?. something is seriously wrong here and i dont know what the heck it is but it appears the wheels have definitely fallen off the wagon big time.!.
( please refer to the attached pictures for verification of what i am talking about )
This has become an absolute nuisance to the NTH degree where i have to constantly reboot my game every time this happens while playing the game it does not matter if i have been playing for only a few minutes or a few hours it keeps happening, can something be done about this please to fix the problem i am having in any way thanks.?.
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What phone are you using?
I may get a glitch every once in awhile, but I don’t have problems at your magnitude.
Not even close.

Do you play on cellular data or Wifi? Having a bad cellular connection causes all kinds of problems.