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Battle Mode - Unending Hell

Cleared a Battle, but upon slaying the last enemy I found my party trapped in a neverending hell. Every time I close and reopen the app, the same battle server is open so I automatically start to load into it again. Any tips on how to leave this hell? Will this battle server ever close on it’s own?

Edit: Took 10 minutes for it to timeout due to inactivity; all is well in the world and my party again has freedom.
Edit: Just happened again! Killed everyone on the opposing team, and my surviving party is trapped in hell for the duration of the server time… please fix.
Edit: After the battle server times out, this does not count as a victory. No progress is made. Very frustrating.

I’m sorry that’s happening, Sae_Kurokenshi. Please reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you further.