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Battle Mode - what a let down, needs to be relooked at

Hey all! As you all know me, I love to write guides and/or reviews…

Usually Im upbeat, even about things that may not work perfectly, however the release today of our first battle mode, has me slightly sad. Unlike the recent pve update - which was great, this one needs alot of tweaking. Its basically a rip for very little to no worthy reward.

Here is the event image:

You will notice I highlighted the 3x tries u get for the event. At first, I thought it was only 3 losses, to get ~50 wins, and I was flabbergasted, but what ended up being the reality is much much worse.

When you run through your 3 attempts, you have to pay 60 gems to get 3 more chances!!! Unreal - this is completely absurd based on what rewards are offered, (a common pack, a rare pack and some golds for Shevarith)…lol hardly worth it. The gold was a measly 500 gold too, not even worth the time.

Now, the way it works, is it pits you against players at the same pvp medal rank as you (you neither gain or lsoe medals during the event process)…which would be semi ok IF - it allowed you to pick your team. The problem is, it follows the same random 8 pick, meaning if u dont get your cleric, ur usually toast (not always but usually).

WORSE - it follows the pvp mechanic of pitting you against higher level enemies and eventually lv20 bots if u win too many in a row, see below:

Yea good luck with that. This means that every say 5 or 7 battles you WILL need to refresh with gems. thats around 500 gems per event. A common pack costs 80, and a rare pack costs 200, so 280, plus a little tiny bit of gold. Its a COMPLETE waste of time for anyone who has been playing, and is rigged to make u eventually lose and refresh via gems if u want to complete it.

Since there is no loss or gain of pvp trophies, I suggest two major changes ASAP:

  1. Allow picking your 4 man team, especially since we wont fight just other players, but overpowered bots designed to prevent us from winning (in al lthese months, ive only beaten a lv20 bot 1 time). This is rigging the system to force gem purchases, not a good call.

  2. Scaling the rewards based on RENOWN. The gold should be 500 gold x Renown level. So a lv10 player would get 5000 gold, per tier. This is more appropriate, as well as card rewards and packs. Make WINNING 50 PVP matches give a legendary, and winning the smaller pack, a pack of epics with a chance of legendary, especially since these are one time events, not daily resets. The current rewards combined with the improprietary nature of the bot increase difficulty makes the event NOT WORTH PLAYING at all, and is a resource and time trap for players.

Once again, I reiterate to all but the most epic of players, this event and battle mode is a TRAP. Dont play it until it is properly reviewed and adjusted, otherwise youre losing time and valuable resources in the long run, its not worth it.

Sorry Ludia, just telling it how it is, we had high hopes for this event/battle mode and it was a let down - but it can be easily adjusted in many ways.

But honestly, take out the increasing danger level of bots, its ridiculous that after winning a couple of matches - a player wiIl get progressed to fully geared, lv20s who insta 1 hit kill anyone’s entire team.



I was about to post about how it being awful and how someone could loose a lot in regular arena to reduce ranking. Then proceed to be matched with low level and with longer queue I never get both kill every low level without climbing back seam so wrong and reward are very poor


It’s not that uncommon to lose 3 in a row too. I was excited to see it released this morning. Lost three times, now I’m done. Totally not worth the gems to get the more chances. What a sad and worthless addition.


Indeed, hopefully they take this feedback to heart. We were all looking forward to it

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I already sent my concerns with this event to Ludia. Although in some attempts my opponent’s weakest character was higher than my highest, i managed to eke out one victory with my free chances. My highest character is lvl 14, and in one battle the lowest opponent was lvl 19. Based on this rate I would need to spend 3000 diamonds to complete the event. I could buy all of the rewards for far less.

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Totally agree. This event is not worth the TIME it would take to get 50 wins, even if it was free to play. Add the gem cost on top of it, and it’s a complete joke. I’m never playing this event. It’s too bad, because I was excited about it before I saw how bad it is.

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Absolutely agree. This “test of might” is not just disappointing, it’s offensive. There is no “climbing the ladder” here. In two of my first three attempts I was paired against teams several levels higher than my own randomly-selected characters. This is not a “test of might.” It’s a test of what we’ll put up with. The results have nothing to do with good decisions or character building. It’s all about the RNG.


Thy said it all above


It doesn’t even put you vs a weaker team when you lose. I lost and the next team was even higher level and yes I got slaughtered again. Would prefer a regular event to this garbage. Now no event till Thursday that’s awesome lol.


Thy should have stayed with arena rules thy got 120 gems off me lol we will see if thy fix it lol :joy:

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Echoing my sentiments completely. This could be a really fun event but the buy back is absurd for incredibly underwhelming rewards. 50 PVP matches at ~ 5 minutes a match + load times (assuming no losses at all) is by itself over 4 hours of playtime. For what? a rare pack?

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OP said it all. I won’t be even attempting this mode again until we have confirmation of serious tuning. What a total waste of time for just the worst possible rewards. Glad I didn’t waste my gems on any refreshes.


One thing thy have to do to is if you let your unit time out ( there no skip turn in pvp ) the game moves your unit 1 space forward I’ve lost a few units that way if there a lag in data your unit is kind of gone lol :joy:


And to add insult to injury, I didn’t even bother and went over to the regular Arena and lost 3 games in a row due to missing turns as the game loaded. I guess they drew a lot more players and the system couldn’t handle it.

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Here the reward I got

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I must saay thats alot of common items, a very new player could level up wizard very fast IF they were able to clear 50 matches~~

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That many commons would also be useful for pushing to max out a common’s abilities and stats. But I dont want to spend a few hundred gems to get the chance to try and make that happen. I might not even get cards for the item I’m looking for.

Indeed, for the rest of us its, meh.

I didn’t spend I tanked my rating went 50-1 but wasn’t worth it

Figured we had to see what was the 50 win reward

Thanks for taking one for the team! :yum:

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