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Battle mover order?


How is battle move order decided? Some time opponents move three time before I get a turn? It should be like snake draft first person moves then second moves twice and so on


Every turn you get to choose between making a move or swapping your dinosaur. (ie. swapping a dinosaur = not attacking during that turn)

Swapping a dino happens before anything else (this means the new dino will take the hit if your opponent chose to make a move)

Barring special abilities and effects, when both players choose to make a move the dino with the highest speed stat moves first in every turn.

Decelerating moves make the opposing dino slower for a certain number of turns which can alter the order of attacking. (eg. turn 1: velociraptor does pounce against stegoceratops, stegoceratops does decelerating impact making velociraptor slower. Turn 2: stegoceratops moves first - effectively doing damage twice in a row before velociraptor moves again)

Accelerating moves make a dino faster which can cause similar effects.

Dinosaurs with counter-attack will also hit the opposing dino twice in the same turn if they get hit and survive.

Also: bringing a new dino in the game after the previous one is defeated is not the same as swapping and does not cost a move. Knowing when to let a dino die instead of swapping is a very important skill in this game.


I don’t switch Dino’s opponents move then I go my dinosaur dies then opponent gets to go again why? If u go first the first round u should go second on the next


No… The dino with the highest speed goes first.


Check your dino’s stats, if it got higher speed than opponent, then could “always” act first.
If both you and opponent’s dino got the same speed, the one with higher level will act first; if level also equal, then just randomly give order.

V-rapter is the fastest, and use slow-down attack can let your opponent move slower in following turns.


Ok thanks didn’t know that I will check it out


I had times on second move that my Dino had with 10 points higher speed and it still lets opponents go first: is there some cheat people pull