Battle (off)season

It’s not a goodbye to the game but instead a sidestep off the arena, I’m not doing this because I drop every time I fight but because I need to improve my battle skills and grind nore DNA; so wish me luck and when I come back to the arena my team will be even stronger

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While taking a break from the arena can be good it comes at a pretty steep cost. No arena exclusive dna can be earned at the rate… though i suppose sanctuaries can help with this… there is also the lost of boosts from your daily incubator.

While your gone everyone your trophy range is going to continue to earn boosts. 28 potential speed boosts a week is alot to give up on. Depending on how long your break is even if you gain levels it will still hurt being slower then eveything else.

Ive taken breaks before and it can be a good thing. Just make sure your aware of the cons. Walking away to get stronger only to realize your so far behind in earned boosts your new stronger team drops trophies is a reality now.

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There are boost strikes though but yeah, I don’t think that will be enough