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Battle points

So I’ve been playing since release and I think I can agree with everyone else that the game is broken at the moment. But has anyone else noticed how if you win a battle you gain 10 points but if you lose a battle you lose 30? How’s that fair? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Gain 30 for winning and lose 10 for losing?

what arena are you in? The amount you gain/lose is supposed to be based on delta of How far off you are in trophies and how far you are off in team strength. It seems to still be slated toward trophy delta, as sometimes I get slaughtered by an over powered team, lose 30 trophies, feel robbed, go check their trophy level and that overpowered team was 200 Trophies below me, so…

if you are Sorna or Bellow (maybe lockwood, not sure), after you lose two battles you get an AI team. You can almost always win this one, and if you do, you will certainly get less trophies. 10-20 or so I have seen.

You can also gain +30, but you’ll have to beat one of those real teams. Good luck with the state of the arena’s right now.

Right now I’m in lockdown with exactly 2529 trophies. Before the update I had around 2700 but since the update and the massive amounts of OP dracorexs I’ve dropped down to 2500

ive been seeing the opposite, i lose for 10 yet i gain 50 for a win.

What’s your trophy level and what is then trophy level of the teams you are beating / losing against?

All within 2600-2700