Battle problem with Stegodeus

Hey guys,

hope I‘m not alone. Well I‘m was battling for a while and when I took Stegodeus the counter just went down and I couldn‘t click anything. The dinosaurs were moving and roaring but the counter stood at 0 and the battle didn‘t continue for me.

I thought there might been connection issues but nope everything‘s fine.

Restarted the app and battle lost. In the next battle, same thing with Stegodeus.

Quiet angry right now these were battles I would‘ve won but noooo app apandons me.

Anyone else with similar experience?

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I’m sorry to hear that happened @GermanRaptor. I can understand it would have been really unfair to lose a battle without getting a chance to participate in it. Does this issue only occur if you’re using Stegodeus or with other creatures as well? If you’re connected to WiFi, we recommend turning it off and on or forgetting and reconnecting back to the network again. Doing that should help refresh the connection stability to the game. There’s also some troubleshooting steps here that could also help: Lost a battle I was winning
If the issue persists after trying those steps, email our support team here at with your support key included in the email.


yeah it only happened with Stegodeus.
After that, I had many performance problems though my connection was very good.

I then reinstalled the app. It just broke down when I opened an incubator and I‘m restarting it.

Doesn‘t work that well suddenly, has it something to do with the update?

Well over 200 loest trophies the frustration is back.

I really believe those who say there must be some hidden game mechanics.
I battled an opponent who had three stunners with no immune one but only low health hard attack dinos.

Then even with raised chances I did not land a single crit. One of my opponents had Stygimoloch. First, she stunned me with 75%. Of course, I‘m stunned.
But then the little thing landed three!!! crits one by one in a row amd even stunned me with normal chance of 10%!
While I only hit with Stegoceratops one (75%).

Those chances with 30%, f.e. as for Monostegotops, never work for me but always for opponent.
I have 4 legendaries in my team and am often missing Indom or Stego.

But when I‘m falling back to 3000, oh what a miracle I even gotta fight with a well balanced team and I‘m landing crits and stuns.