Battle problems


im in the middle of a battle or about to start and my game freezes and then i have to relog in
but the battle is still going on for the opponite and by the time the game reatarts it restarts automatically where the battle is but my opponite has the advantage now. also im pretty sure screen glitched i was supposed to win and the dinosaur i beat did not get counted at all and then my opponite won. i cant go higher if i keep
loosing to glitches


I have exactly the same problem sometimes. Most times where you select your dinosaur doesn’t come up & I guess it automatically selects one for you & continues the battle without you whilst you’re desperately trying to shut the app & log back in. By then it’s to late. Not great.

Keeping my eye on this post in case there’s a resolution


Hey Amanda_O_farrell, sorry to hear about your experience with the Arena, it must have been confusing. This might have been caused by a problem with your connection since the AI will take over for you when you disconnect from a battle.

You can find more about AI information on this thread:

To try and prevent this in the future, can you please make sure that you’re on a stable internet connection before starting the game? Also, I recommend staying on one connection while you’re playing because switching between WiFi and data could cause an issue.

The additional troubleshooting steps for connection issues on this thread could also be helpful:

If the issue persists, you can contact our support team here at, and they will be happy to assist you. Please include your Support Key in the email so they can find your account quicker.