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Battle Programming

OK. The matchmaking system sucks. However this isn’t about that but about how the Ludia’s programmers are going about setting up the PvP battles.

For example, why are there two levels of waiting time? Another thing is why (after waiting for the first 30 seconds to complete) the Fight AI does not always pop out but the player is sent to the second waiting period to wait an additional 1 minute before it times out?

Today something new happened. After the initial 30 seconds wait, my battle timed out. No Fight AI. No second tier 1 minute wait. Restarted the game immediately and it sent me straight to the second tier to wait another 1 minute before it timed out yet again. Great. In order to stop the timeout screen popping out again & again, I restarted the app. Went straight to get a battle & got timed out again with no Fight AI.

Anyone experiencing this today? And what’s with Ludia’s fetish of timing players out in a battle? The concept of battling is to setup a battle between 2 players & if we don’t get a matchup, then we fight AI for an incubator (if the slots are free) and not get any trophies for it. Why the timeout?


I have one additional variation:

  1. Press fight button
  2. Start waiting
  3. 30 seconds waiting.
  4. Arena waiting area for other 30 seconds.
  5. Restart app
  6. App restarted, game says battle is lost and -30 trophies.

That’s bad and it used to happen to me before but not now. What also happened to me before was the timeout screen appeared in the middle of a battle and by the time you get out and log into the app again, you are just in time to see how many trophies you have lost. Only once did I win and that was because I was 2-0 up. Won 3-2. Lol

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sometimes, matchmaker seems to match me against a human player AFTER timed out. then i touch “figh a.i.” button, but the battle started is against human.

everytime i experience this, i try to guess if it’s a.i. or human from dinos i battle (a.i. use to be lower) and/or opponent’s choices (a.i. are stup*).