Battle queue actually just a way for you opponents to take out your first dino


Definitely getting tired of it telling me it’s setting up a match for battle meanwhile my opponent is already battling my first Dino. Seems to be happening more and more frequently. Just want to get battle incubators but it’s hard when you are always playing catch up thanks to a glitchy battle server. Why has this not been resolved? I can’t be the first person reporting this…


I’ve had that a couple times. Really annoying.


Every second match its happening now. And its not even about the rank. I just take forever to get an incubator when they are opponents I would have beaten had I been able to pick my first Dino and actually done my attacks instead of the basic moves because it times out every round.


A force close and reopen will cure most of the battle glitches.

After I hit battle after 10-15 seconds I hit cancel and it goes back and I hit battle again 10 seconds later again I will hit cancel and if it does nothing I immediately force close and reopen and I am at the start of the battle!

If you ever get the match time out message immediately do the same thing and you might be again in the beginning

If you see the waiting for opponent screen don’t let it go down more than 30 seconds and again force close and reopen it will start again at the 2 minutes mark again 30 seconds same thing if it takes you back to the map try again!

Don’t let that counter go the 2 minutes because chances are good the battle has already begun

I realize these steps are a PITA but it’s the best way to deal with the beginning of the game glitches

Also a FYI if you are in a battle and only lost 1 or 2 dinosaurs and all of a sudden it comes up that your opponent won this is also a glitch Do Not Hit The Continue button but do a force close and reopen and you should go back to where you left off!

These are the only problems I have encountered so are the only ones I can help with!

Good luck all


It’s a battle of wits between me and myself. Do I keep waiting and hope that it starts or do I restart the app knowing I can minimize the delay.


I’ve done exactly that but unfortunately my first Dino is usually always chosen. Maybe I’m waiting too long before force closing. But is that really what we should have to do? I feel like this is a bug we shouldn’t have to get used to and just force close everytime we thing the loading screen is tricking us. Are they just not aware of this issue which is clearly something wrong on their end or are they just choosing not to fix this?


Your guess is as good as mine

It may be possible that they just can’t fix it without some major down time or retooling. But for now this is all we can do.

Btw i Agree 100% with you that we should not have to do this! It seems it is happening less and less so perhaps they are making progress


Nice to know I wasn’t alone in experiencing this!