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Battle: "random" dino selection from team of 8

Has anyone else had an issue with the game selecting only the lowest level dinosaurs on their team for the battle?

I was in the final arena last week with a score in the 4700+ and then my two strongest dinosaurs (4-6 levels higher then the others on my team) suddenly stopped showing up.

I will go 5-8 battles before my best guy shows up.
All the lower guys on my team are in the 21-23 lvl range. And my opponents are almost always in the 23-25 range.
Why wont the game allow my 27 and 28lvl to be on my team?
I worked very hard to level them up and without their assistance in the battles my score is down over 400points in about a week.
The dinosaurs that are selected are almost always the same 3 with 1 other randomly shuffled in.

Any advise or insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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It is supposed to be randomly picked. I also had similar experience when I got my first legendary (Stegod), it was not picked in nearly all battles. At that moment Stegod had APR which was very strong.
Now the highest level dino in my team is L27 Thor while the lowest one is L22 Magna. I don’t understand much about the matchmaking. I am now at 4800-5000, but I am often matched with those around 4400-4600 but having a team at L25-28 and it is hard to win.