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Battle result bug?


so i was battling with an opponent we were on both 2 dinos so last dino was on
they had 140 ish health dilorana and i had a pyrritator on 1100 ish health. none have any buffs or debuffs applied to them and pyrritator is faster. i presseddistracting rampage and then i recieved a phone call. i answered it for merely 5 seconds and when i returned, their dilorana had killed my pyrritator. i lost that match and i lost trophies because of it. what the hell


Hey Tsuki, I’m not really sure what might have happened during your match, but it’s possible that phone calls to your device could cause some interruptions to the game. However, if you would like our team to take a closer look at this, feel free to contact them here at with your support key and more details on what happened during your battle.