Battle Royale


This isn’t a suggestion, just a dream I had last night. (I guess I’ve been playing the game a little too much)

I was playing JWA in my dream but In a completely different format. I only had one dino, and I faced off against another one-on-one. Then another one-on-one. Then it went into a battle royale where instead of turn based battle there were 3 or 4 of use stampeding around an arena, getting in attacks as we passed another. (Think Mario Kart battle mode)

Luckily I had Nodopatosaurus, so I did pretty well.

Please Ludia, don’t take my dream as a real suggestion. It will only give them more to complain about!


That actually sounds like a cool idea.


Jurassic World Kart Racing! You could use all 5 of the islands as tracks!