Battle said all slots are full...didnt get incubator0


I battled, and won, I had one empty slot. I did NOT get a warning that all slots are full so if I battled I wouldn’t get an incubator. I battled. I won. It had a blacked out incubator saying all slots were full. I got my coins and nothing else. Clearly shows empty slot. I clicked it in case it was glitched but it’s empty. Please help I want my incubator and don’t want o battle again if it’s gonna keep gipping me out of my incubator!
Edit: I just logged back in after 15 min or so of posting this and I had another incubator ready to collect in my inventory. Not sure if it was mine and glitched and wasn’t there then suddenly reappeared when I logged in or if issue was fixed that quick (assuming not) but we’ll see I’ll try another battle now as I have another empty spot. If it did glitch out and not show me that I had full spots that would still be an issue…


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