Battle scoring between friendly battles and common battles. Also about the gifting system


I have an idea, what about we put a battle scoring system? That would be useful for me…

And also about the gifting system, maybe we can donate or transfer DNAs to others player in their friend list. But still though all player need to purchase coin or cash to evolve their dinos upgrade.


Trade-Market- Auction even only between friends


I would love it but a trade system probably will never happen as people will take advantage of it to profit outside of ludia!

Only way it could work would be 100% controlled by ludia and their payment system!

In other words both the trader and tradee ( ok its not a word :joy:) would have to make an agreed payment to ludia to do it! Kind of the way American Airlines allows you to gift miles to others!


There has to be a way.If it is only with Friends,and there will be a friend list limit of 20 or 10.And you cannot remove a friend less than a week.Or it can be a fixed amount of Dna per Day.So no one take advantage with huge amounts.


They can also limit how many friends you can have


Another option is that Ludia will put fixed transactions ,lets say 100 and we will choose the most appropriate for us. As an example i want ankylosaurus and i have plenty of T-Rex and in the shop/market the only way to get ankylosaurus is by a fixed trade which i must give stegoceratops… there is a solution to prevent trades outside the game.The participants cannot have the trade the way they want it.