Battle screen loading forever for me in top 250 and under

So all the time I can never find battles to get my incubators I’m 90% of the time waiting to find a battle for 3-5 mins then it cancels and I retry over and over it’s annoying and shouldn’t be happening?!

Ludia needs to fix this!

There gotta be a better way of completing my incubators for the day


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Dont blame Ludia. It’s everyone complaining about bots and battling opponents with different levels. Above 250 it just takes awhile for someone else to become available. Also, certain times of the day are worse.

Better to wait than to have it time you out when you have already started battling. Happened to me last night. Both dinos were already swatting at each other when the Time Out page appeared on mine. Had to reopen JWA promptly but that takes time and indeed when I got back in, the score was 1-1 with my 2nd dino half dead against my opponent’s fully healthy dino.