Battle season

Pretty miffed, I started the season at 2750 and I had managed to get myself to 3200 before the season ended and it’s just started me in this new season at 2759 again!!

Has anyone else had it reset and hence back into a lower league??

Hey Stacey_L, when a new season starts, your trophies will be reset.

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This happens to everyone but it isn’t as bad as it seems at first because it happens to everyone and allows you to get more rewards when you cross the different trophy levels.


It didn’t used to do that. It used to be if the trophies where higher at the end then that would be your new starting season trophies.

Otherwise what’s the point of trying to aim for the higher ones when all that’s going to happen is that you’re going to start in the lower arena’s at the end of it?

It perplexed me, I can’t keep up with all the tweeks and changes. It’s really not starting to be an enjoyable game anymore

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Thank you for the chart, that’s very useful to know :slight_smile:

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It has been this way for about 6 months now… the reason being, that you would get a few players multiple thousands ahead of everyone else. Dropping people back down below their current scores closes the gaps while also allowing you to win chests as you work your way back up to where you were before. I don’t remember the exact amounts but if I recall correctly it basics drops you down one “league” lower than what you were. Once you work your way back up you would get a new chest for once again making it into that league