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Not sure if you guys can see these photos or not since they are only showing up as links before I post them, but I have been using this team for a while and I can’t seem to get above 2400 trophies. I’m always getting knocked down to 2200 then rising right back up. I’ve shown what I own and what I can replace my team with. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


your team is
1)overall slow
2)has too much tanks
3)lacks damage

in your arena level there is a basic team comp generalization which is
3 tanks
2 raptors/fast hitters
1 tank buster
2 utility(you can fill this spot with any dino but they should be different from one another)

so my recommendations would be
1)velociraptor in
2)remove sino
3)remove either nodopato or amargo (but not both)
4)alanqa in
5)if you prefer allos instead of secodonto but that is your call



in this case, your team imo is:

and miragaia is just there because its level 16. if it werent that probably would be diplodocus or stegoceratops


Secodontosaurus has low HP and could die easily, Pyroraptor is a crappy Velociraptor clone,
I would put Velociraptor and Stegoceratops

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Put in Stegoceratops and Baryonyx.


Made it above 2500 with this team. Thank you m8


No probs mate. If you wish you can get suchatator in for either amargo or miragaia or allos. Sucha is a great dino