Battle Sim By The Numbers - Creature Vs Tier

Wanted to post some of the findings from the battle sim here for people. At Gamepress we use a battle simulator as a tool to assist in developing the tier list (same one you see on the JWA Field Guide) and we always find really interesting things in those lists.

This image shows how High Alpha dinos do against the rest of the tiers as we have them. If a dino wins one matchup 50% of the time, it is said to be proficient in that matchup. The percentages above are how proficient a dino is versus every other dino in that tier. So a value of 100% means that a dinosaur will win at least half the time (usually more) versus every other dino in that tier.

Anywho - the full article is on gamepress here but Iā€™m really interested in what the community thinks of these results. Especially Blue - who a lot of people thoguht belonged higher. It seems more likely that Gorgosuchus or Pyroraptor belong higher than Blue based on this metric alone. :slight_smile:


This is really nerdy. This nerd loves it. I think your spreadsheet is more interesting than the actual game right now! Good work


This is what you get when you throw a data person at a game like JWA. A nerd-pocalypse


I :heart: spreadsheets as well!