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Battle speed glitch?


This morning I pitted a stegoceratops against a stegosaurus. It was faster. It used thagomizer to slow me down, I used slowing on it. All fine. But then I had the orange “faster” arrow for the rest of their match up, even though in each turn the stegosaurus went first. Any reason why I was getting the arrow if stegosaurus was acting first? (I won the overall battle, so it’s not a big deal, but I’ve never seen that happen before.)


This is hard for me to describe but I tried my best. The game thinks you’re faster because you slowed it down, but because the stego used thagomizer and has a higher base speed, it still goes first. It’s essentially the same thing as swapping in a velociraptor to fight erlikosaurus, if erlikosaurus used minimal speed up strike before it fights your velociraptor, it will still show the raptor as the faster dino even though the erlikosaurus is now faster.


Something messed up with speed for sure. My indoraptor was “slower” than utahraptor even though it should have been faster while they were both same level and no debuffs and told me I would be faster

“Speed Ties are resolved as follows: Unmodified highest speed breaks ties (i.e. excluding buff/debuffs); If same, highest level breaks tie; If same, highest rarity breaks tie; If same, tiebreaker is determined by the first player to input action.”


What you’re describing is different, but it is strange as Indoraptor definitely should have been faster as he is unique. It was most likely a glitch, and unfortunately, the best thing you can do is submit a ticket and hope they get back to you in a few weeks. Did you manage to get a screen shot of the player’s name?


dont remember if i grabbed the name, but i submitted a post on here in support section already. after the responses i have gotten from submitting actual support tickets i dont see the point in actually submitting tickets anymore. maybe the mods here will bring attention to the idiots that want to argue and tell me they see no bug when i give them side by side screenshots proving there is a bug. i even replied to the ticket support saying if its working as intended just tell me that, but dont tell me there is no bug or discrepency between 2 screenshots that even a 2 year old could see. their response was to just say they are sorry i feel they are unhelpful instead of actually saying if its as intended or admitting there was a bug.


I saw your post earlier, and unfortunately I have to agree that the support is very lacking when compared to the amount of bugs in the game. Hopefully the game will improve soon, but as it stands right now, when you enter the arena you have to be prepared to either be crushed by bots, or encounter very annoying bugs and glitches. Just yesterday, I won a match 3-2 with both of our dinos still alive.

[edit] And as a side note, that was most definitely a glitch as (as you stated earlier) rarity determines speed


That makes perfect sense, thanks for that!