Battle Stage 11 jw tg Please Help

I dont think I can win: Here is what the opponents got.
1st Position: Level 30 Diplocaulus : hp 201 dmg: 51
2nd Position: Level 21 Tropeognathus Hp: 149 Dmg: 47
3rd Position: Level 30 Labyrinthodontia Hp: 167 Dmg 64

And Heres what i got.

Level 30 Majungasaurus Hp: 158 Dmg: 60
Level 22 Triceratops HP: 161 Dmg: 41
Level 17 Alanqa Hp:93 Dmg: 35
Level 17 Limnoscelis hP: 113 Dmg: 29
Level 3 Carnotaurus Hp:84 Dmg: 32
Level 10 Guanlong Hp 69 Dmg 22
Level 10 Tropeognathus Hp 71 Dmg 22
Level 6 Argentinosaurus hp 65 Dmg 17
Level 5 Majungasaurus hp 49 dmg 19
Level 5 Alanqa hp 48 Dmg 18
Level 1 Argentinosaurus hp 51 Dmg 13
Level 1 Alanqa hp 48 Dmg 18
Level 1 Limnoscelis hp 48 Dmg 12

Dna: 360
Food: 1,225
Money: 12, 065 (Can add 100k)
Dollars: 12
JW Dollars: 665

Any way I can win??

First put in ur 2nd best flyer and then best plant and then best flyer and wait till they switch and still with the first get all the yellow dots(reserves)that you can get and and plat take out flyer and the flyers ob ur team should complete the mission good luck

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Yes, of course.
Here: (in this order)
Level 1 Alanqa
Level 22 Triceratops
Level 17 Alanqa

Block one on your first turn. If the opponent swaps keep blocking until you are safe. Once the opponent even has a small chance to kill you reserve all. Then if you die, attack with Tricera and reserve if you can’t survive next turn.
If the opponent doesn’t swap reserve and then attack with Tricera.
Once Tricera dies, attack with your higher level Alanqa.
Good Luck and have fun!


Also, welcome to the forums! :grin:

TYSM, I was ab to run out of money but I won! Onto numero 12. And also, The therizinosaurus is my favorite dino. Love the nails :nail_care:

Level up the 2 Lvl 10 Alanqa to get level 11

Start with it then reserve,it will swap to trope and let it KO

Then with your Trike KO Trope

After that use the Alanqa to KO the 2 Amphibians