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Battle Stage rewards

So my girlfriend recently started playing this game, and I’ve quickly noticed a glaring problem, that I don’t even know how Ludia let go through. Within a few weeks of playing the game, she’s already reached level 33, and has some pretty decent dinos, her best being a lvl 30 Alangasauraus. However, she’s somehow still missing non-hybrid common dinos. This is because Ludia decided to rework the entire battle stage system, so that where as original players would unlock every Dino in the game through the battle stage, newer players barely unlock any of the available dinos. This wouldn’t be a problem, except Ludia purposefully removed all the dinosaurs from the game that are needed for the really good hybrids. This include Pyroraptor and Carnotasaruous which makes Carnoraptor. Tyranotitan which makes Suprannotitan. Monolophosauras, which makes Tapjalosauras. Tjungasauras which makes Nundagasaurus. Sorry for the terrible spelling, but I think a lot of us players didn’t even realize this was a problem because we already had unlocked ever creature in the game. But the problem is that these creatures, are some of the most valuable creatures in the game, and Ludia purposefully removed the required dinos from the game so that they could make it a longer grind. But what I don’t think they realize, is it just makes people want to quit. My girlfriend has no chance of getting any commons because she already passed that level cap, and will soon be passing the level cap for rares. And I know what a lot of you may be thinking, that they have creature unlock events for that reason. But the problem is, she unlocks a single creature a week, and it’s always random, and most of the time there will be repeat dinos in the same week. So by the time she’ll have the chance to unlock any of the rare dinosaurs she needs for the above hybrids, she’ll already be too high level and instead by unlocking legendary creatures. The Battle Stage rewards are in desperate need of reworking. If you want players to feel more rewarded by giving them DNA, and the Battle Stage pack, then you need to create a separate category of events, that unlock dinosaurs just like how the original battle stage events did. Or, instead revert the battle stage to how it used to be. Most players would rather have the chance to unlock Carnoraptor, than get 700 DNA.


I think most of us agree with you in principle about the removal of creatures from either Battle Stages or Weekly Unlocks. @Jurassic_Fury has a nice thread about what is available.

I know Carnotaurus and Monolophosaurus are in rotation, but you may have to wait for a Rare Unlock Week to roll around to grab those. They occur roughly every three months, and the last one was in early May. Since she’s still a lower level, she MIGHT catch them before the Rare Unlock Week rolls around. Some of those locked creatures are frequent flyers in either the trade harbor or Modded PVP.

Edit: EVERYTHING that is available in the weekly Unlock eventually is available at the highest levels. It may take awhile, but those chances will come. As for the others, all we can due is hope Ludia changes its policy and work the prize wheels and Trade Harbor


I’m in the same boat as her. You are right, it all just takes way longer.

You can buy single copies for DB.

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Yea, wish Ludia would make it dinosaur+enough DNA to buy another one of this dino. Example: T-rex&3750 DNA.
Also, single copies for a lvl 10 rare can reach up to 500-1000 from what I remember…