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Battle stage tips


can i beat battle stage 11 with 2 level 30 carnivores and a level 20 amphibian or do i need all lvl 30 to beat this one and beyond in jurassic world the game any help would be helpful to me.


Post a picture of the battle lineup. I’m fairly sure most of us don’t remember what a particular battle stage brings to the table. Even if we did remember what we fought, the computer may adjust to your creatures.

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In theory, you must level up your pterosaurs to take on the amphibians.
If you can’t do that right now, try using the Rex as a meat shield, save points, then use your two strongest herbivores. Save up as many points as you can. The AI assumes that your save points, are block points, therefore it will overattack, leaving itself open. Good luck


I’d use your top 3 herbivores. The level 23 at the far right first, it should take 3 hits to kill it. Try 1 save first round, 2 save 1 block second round. Then see if you are at a good point for attacks or whatnot. The flyer should be a 2 hit for your strongest 2 dinos.


Do you have any pterosaurs? You need balance. Your carnivores and herbivores are hugely overpowering your other two classes, and even between carnivore and herbivore there is a vast difference. As the game progresses, keeping all four classes balanced will become more and more important


Ok thanks for your info and I realize now that I am over leveling my herbivores and carnivores and not balancing it out by leveling up my pterosaurs and my amphibians along with them. But I am only at park lvl 15 right now, what it comes down to is not having enough dna for evolution or not enough food for leveling up my dinosaurs and my food production building is lvl 4.

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As the game progresses, you will never have enough. That’s how they get you to pay real money for packs and/or resources. And maybe it’s worth it to you. That’s your decision. But to play for free or almost free requires patience. Having the time to grind on PVP helps as well. If the trade harbor is open, make sure your utilizing it.


All of that said, my lineup would be Diplodicus, T-Rex, Stegosaurus

Round one, reserve with Dippy
Round two, two block and one reserve
Round three, four reserve
Presumably, Dippy is now dead. Hopefully, the AI used all or all but one action point to attack you. If they killed dippy and have multiple action points remaining, you may be in trouble. If they did not kill DIppy and have action points remaining, reserve and block until either they kill you or they exhaust their action points.

Kill with the minimum points needed (Rex vs Koolasuchus = 2 attacks, Dippy vs Koolashus = 3 attacks). Max out your reserve and block with any leftovers.

Steggy should be able to take it from there (2 attacks, 3 block, 3 reserve)
7 attack to finish