Battle stage trouble

Im having trouble with the battle stage for Sarco, help?

It’s been too long; what are your opponents?

Also, to check: you know and are using the appropriate categories to their advantage (e.g., pterosaurs over amphibians, amphibians over carnivores, etc.)?

My general pattern is to make my first dinosaur one with maximal health. I often don’t even attack with it. Its job is to accumulate reserve points while the opponent beats up on it. Getting up to 8 moves per attack is a game-changer.

From there, it’s using the multipliers and counting how many of his/her moves your opponent uses so you know the maximum number of blocks they could have remaining, and using the minimal number of attack points necessary to beat the opponents.

One more thing: I’ve found the computer rarely uses all available points for block. For instance, if it had five points, used two on attack, it rarely uses all three remaining for block. Sometimes, but not always.

Sarco lvl 21
Dimetrodon lvl 11
Supersaurus lvl 11

So you need a high level bird, one decent amphibian, and one decent carnivore based on your opponent. Might be a little cat and mouse where you have to keep switching your creatures as the game does to keep your class advantage. The opponent will have a pattern to its attacks and blocks (it does for every battle). Might need to farm up some rare or common creatures to get them ready for this battle if you do not have high enough creature stats to take these on, you generally want creatures that can take at least two hits from the opponent and not die. Or at least this this is what I aim for.

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