Battle Stages

Hello people. I’ve been imagining an idea and did some calculations. In the game there are approximately 63 dinosaurs of normal classes (C, R, MR and L) 28 marine (MR and L) and 18 CENOZOICS (MR and L) (it is approximate, some numbers could be exceeded or missing). I thought of separating the Battle Stages into three. One for each region and it makes it less problematic. In this way, in the terrestrial ones you can add the legendary ones like Zalmo and Acantho and also, why not the stage packs and the DNA. And the same for Cenozoic and marine. Even new creatures of basic rarities could be added. I’ll tell you why earthquake events make me desperate. When I was at the right level I didn’t play enough and I didn’t get the Utahraptor, now I just have to wait for a respawn event or a pack, otherwise I won’t get it. In fact the amber could be preserved. As a currency to buy tournament legendaries. If it costs you a lot but you can get it sooner or later. Because I buy players that we have little time in the game, we will have it difficult to get the legendaries. It would also not hurt if they balanced the level tournaments. For example. When Bumpy I reached predators, but since my dinos were very inferior, I had problems and went down to rare. And there because it is important to balance the tournaments.
Thank you for your attention.

you meen Super Rare, right?

Yes of course

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