Battle Stages 🤬

Hello everyone. I don’t want to sound aggressive. But will they be able to give us an explanation of why the Battle Stages were modified in such a way?

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It’s been this way for a while and they unfortunately aren’t changing


To kneecap progression of getting powerful/elusive hybrids and super hybrids.

Since they were easy to unlock, it was easy to fuse hybrids and s-hybrids, which prevented players on spending money on packs, or for the hybrids outright, so they sought to rework the unlock system to what it is currently.

Some outliers are the remaining base dinos that have no hybrid, aka Corythosaurus, Aerotitan, Shunosaurus, and Scaphognathus. Thus if/when they get hybrids, there wouldn’t be any easy unlocks for them unless the player already had them unlocked.

TL;DR: Ludia is a company that needs to make money, which the old unlock system thru battle stages was bypassing that bottom line.


We humans have became way to greedy.

Tell that to the business that provide our leisure and entertainment.

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Hehe I was joking :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably the implementation of the bosses was already planned since that update(2019), as well as its way of promoting its use, since if it is not promoted in a certain way, then the player reaches the conclusion of “If I don’t have the boss, nothing happens, it doesn’t affect my progress”.

Now those creatures without event and unlock phase are available through the amber market and the way to get amber is with the boss.

I assume that they would have had their reasons for delay in implementing them 100% but the message is clear.

  "You want certain creatures, play with the bosses"

I don’t think they would just implement changes to the game like that and improvise as they go, would they? :thinking::thinking: