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Battle strat: dilo vs rinex


This is easily one of my most common opening matchups.

My question to you, forum, is this:

T2, as dilo, do you gsr or do you rar?

I ask because missing that stun (like has happened to me 2 for 3 times today) costs you the trade and, in my case, oftentimes the match. Im left either with a dead dilo or, worse, one limping along facing a counter attacker (always seems to be a 26+ trago - and you cant swap into trago).

Oh, and that 25+ rinex ran away, to come harass you more later.

What do you do? Hope for the stun? Or rampage and run?


after i get hit with ic, honestly ive usually done gsr but depending on who is on deck… i might swap

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Whats interesting to me is those that ic t3. They iar t2 (Ive done this too).


i can see that. esp against dilo where you lose the turn after stun.

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im all for dealing the most damage i can. and if they dont slow you, the next dino will get smatched.its a good question.

so yeah… depending on the deck. if no good setup ill go gsr first.

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Personally rinex doesn’t have any real good matchups aside from swap in strikes or swap in DSR. That’s about your best case for negating an opening distracting rampage when it has an IC to deal with superiority strike users. So because rinex is such a DPS monster, I just treat it like any other dps monster and go all out to kill it, sacrificing whatever i need to in order to take care of it.

I’ll gladly lose a diloraich if it means slapping that thing for a big hit. And I usually SS turn 2 instead of GSR as dilorachierus because if that 75% chance happens to miss on me, i get a really nice full hit instead of a distracted hit.

Rinex is frankly pretty overpowered. but i’ll trade anything to ensure it dies. I’ve even been known to drop a lethal with spinotah, swap to a stegod to take the IC, and then swap to a counter-attacker like Tryko to take the final impact and run and kill utarinex. Spread the damage around. Just so long as that thing doesn’t rise from the grave


Thanks @MNBrian , I’d not considered that approach!! Gonna try it out.


just happened to me. i had lvl25 spino vs 26 rinex. i lethal wound he distracts and crits. im down to 700hp. swap in dioraj as he hits ir. my dio chomps him to death with counter before he runs. rip. out of sight out of mind lol.


Never run it as an opening matchup… But to me the real question is…Why do you open with dilorach???


I like to open and close with it. Its so good vs so many starters. I can oftentimes take out a dino and run away to come back at the end.


But its turn one move is only 1x…I never use it as an opener, i keep it for late game like a sort of revenge killer, like tryostronix but way more effective, and always perfmormed extremely well in that role. Versus which starter do you think is good? I 75% of the time find spinota as the opponent’s starter and i kinda wouldn’t like to get a bleed move on my dlorach


i still start stegodeus. because of these OP, but squishy uniques. if they start spino, i know they’re swapping after they get decelerated, so it lets you swap out for free basically and only lose 1 DOT.

that doesn’t help i know, but maybe not starting dilo is a better move so you can pick it’s matchup :man_shrugging:


It definitely fills that role well too.

As for using it as an opener:

Spino - i almost always outlevel it (26 dilo). If i do, it goes like this:

Gsr - it dies, I live
T3 - someones getting a rampage and run to the face. Save him to revenge kill (sometimes 2 more times)

Vs indo
Ds/cleansing or evasive
Gsr/evasive or stunned. If evasive, stunned and next turn is ds again, then rar to usually kill it.
If started evasive, di. Then rampage and run.

Vs stego - if same level (hah) ds/thag (more and more lately)
T2 gsr
T3 rar

Vs trago - throw my phone

Vs rinex, well, you saw that already.

Vs elr, t1 ill usually ds and see what they do, also depends on level. Ill usually swap to sac something if I didnt kill it before it can kill my guy.

Hmm, what other starters do I see…

Tryko, idunno. Usually ds and take the counter dmg, t2 stun, t3 hit for 2k and leave.


Its worth considering. Once I get to 29, I will no longer die to stegodus t2 no matter the level.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:


remember the strike event? i critted the SS of course, so i got lucky, but that was the opening showdown :upside_down_face:

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So i guess a crit definitely changes things :joy:


My main opponent opener as i said is spino, but i prefer damage her a bit and lose one of my dino rather than risk to lose or get damaged my dilorach (maybe i do this reasoning because my dilorach is my highest level dino, which is your team?). In this way later on the game you can use dilo to finish the job with spino or with any other starter that cause you problems, utarinex too…I’ve never had problems with the duel Dilo - rinex just because with me they never face each other both on turn 1, and maybe this is the only situation in which dilorach is disadvantaged…


My team currently:

I find spino and dilo somewhat interchangeable when it comes to executions. Too often Ive found my dilos t1 dmg just isnt enough to play that role, so I guess thats why i lead with it. Spino (more health, same speed) hits much much harder t1 and can always lw.


Looking at your team in my opinion you have some greater starter than dilo: Spino for sure, stegod, indo, utarinex and also tuora. Maybe against utarinex stegod (leading with shield) and spinota ar your best answers forcing rinex to run and kill it later in the game. I don’t see dilo and spino interchangeable, i see spino more a leading dino and dilo a late game: in the right cirumstances dilo is almost unstoppable even if under 2-0. It saved me a countless number of matches played like a revenge killer. True that the fact that t1 move is always 1x but against a half- life dino a distracting strike allows you to fight the next dino with 3/4 of your total hp. Anyway i will try your suggestion to use it as a starter and see what will happen :sunglasses:
Ps Great team :grinning:


Thanks!!! I wouldn’t take my suggestion lol, i tend to do weird things. Ill try saving it :slight_smile: