So a lot of people get destroyed in the arena due to the simple fact that your dino team is a random choice between 8 dinos.

Here is a simple fix for that:

A lot of card games already implement this mechanic and I don’t see how this could go wrong in JWA. Simple give the option to replace some dinos from your starting team with other random dinos from your team, this could help players balance their squad before each fight, at least give some option.

For example, if I get a team of flimsy, low health dinos, I can at least switch two of them for ANYTHING else on my team, which would balance the squad and make fights seem less random luck.

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That is a silly idea. People will always swap out their worst dinos for their best. This might work if it randomly picked 4 dinos from, let’s say, 20 starters but not from 8. You’ll almost always end up with the best 4 every time if you’re allowed to swap a few of them at the start.

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He is saying the swap is random… like a ccg you can mulligan 1-2 dinos to randomly get 1-2 from the other 4 dinos that werent selected from your team.

Say you dont have a nullifier in your current lineup at the start of a match… you can pick a dino or two, to attempt to redraw one with nullify. There is no gurantee your gonna get one but it does increase your chance of having a more balanced team.

I know what he’s saying. The randomness is severely reduced when you have 4 picked and only 4 left to choose from. People will, without a doubt, go for the strongest 4 dinos every single game. The RNG may not always let that happen but this idea is a step in that direction and i dislike the idea very much. I want more RNG from dino selection, not less. It would force people to create a larger more diverse team and to level more than just 8 dinos exclusively.

The coin wall is what prevent more varied teams not the team selection… i would love to level up and try different dinos but a coin wall makes it so i only level up those that i know are good… and b having to fight 10 matches just to get that specific dino i wanted to play with… that rng in the team selection is exactly why i dont use more variations of my team adding more eng to it wont improve the game.

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I agree, skill is tested by dealing with what happens in stead of going in with 4 strongest everytime.
People want more arena diversity, not less.
When more dinos get added, perhaps make teams of 12 and give max 2 randomised swaps.

I’m hoping they create a battle system without badges and such so I can try all of the dinosaurs in battle. Even if there is no reward, I’d have fun fighting with different teams.

I mean there is friendly battles for that I do it with my kids all the time.

I find the order of dino you pick in strike tower can be crucial if your strategy depend on IR (impact and run). At least in tourney please allow us to change the order not the card