Battle System changes please


Hello, I have found the battle system to be… well stupid on this game. Clearly pay to win system. My suggestion is basically the battle system should be changed that people who buy anything (coins, DNA packs, ANYTHING) and VIP members should only battle against other people who have also done the same. Were as the standard free players battle against other free players only. Simple system with easy to implement coding. This will make the battle system more challenging and fun for each type of player. Main complaint I hear from friends who play as well is that they cannot afford to buy all the DNA packs to get the super dinos, and it drastically effects their ability to battle people on a level playing ground, causing them to loose points/stars and not get the incubators to continue to grow the dinos they have. My win record has dropped as well, 1/4 fights i’ll win (with decent dinos for a free to play person) one friend has dropped down to 1/7 fights he’ll win making the game all but unplayable. please change the system to level the battle system into a more fair system for all players, not just benefit the paying players. Thank you for your time if the Devs read this.

Some people will get all upset and comment stupid/disrespectful things, so i’ll just ignore them lol.