Battle system is broken


There’s no excuse for this much of a level difference in a battle. If anyone says different, they’re just letting everyone know they’re an idiot.


it goes by trophy amount


They may have a low trophy amount. Either they didn’t battle until late in the game, or they intentionally threw a ton of matches to drop down a few arenas so they could farm a particular arena exclusive dinosaurs DNA.


I have dinos that range from level 20 to 28 on my team right now. How would they balance that? The level 20 is really just a place holder until my Unique dino is ready, but it’ll still just be a 21 or 22. Still much lower than the rest of my team.


You realize that y’all are only helping prove my point. All the excuses that were used are problems with the game. It’s just lazy and pathetic coding plain and simple. Well except for Julian, they just couldn’t help proving the other part of my comment and couldn’t even do it at least a little cleverly.


Oh and none of them are exclusive to an arena if you’ve passed it. I still get DNA from every Dino in the lower arenas and I haven’t had to drop down on my knees to get them. Just kept earning them right where I’m at.


How would they balance it when I have a 20 and a 28 on my team though? I’d battle a team of 24s? That’s still 4 levels higher than them with my highest dino. Would I battle someone with 27s and 28s? But that’s not fair to my level 20, in your opinion. How would they find an opponent for me with the same levels? I doubt many people have a lopsided team like I do right now.


Logically by the average level of the dinos in your lineup. It’d cut out the cheap shots of people with entire teams 4 and 5 levels higher than your strongest 1. It’s not hard to figure out really.


So all I’d have to do is put a level 1 dino on my team and then crush the lower levels that I’ll face since my average would be a lot lower. I wouldn’t even have to worry about the weak 4th dino dragging me down. Ok, I like your idea now. Lets do this.


you set the parameters, slick…don’t blame me if you are hoisted on your own petard.


You obviously don’t understand how averages work.


And again, you prove my point. Couldn’t even make a coherent comment this time. Smh


What exactly doesn’t he understand?


You think you’ll have a lot of fun fighting indoraptor with level 16 dinos? And then when you maaaaybe (if you’re lucky) kill it losing 2 dinos, another unique comes out. Lol.


Any programmer who has the least bit of common sense would know to factor in to ignore the Dino that has a level excessively lower than the rest. Doesn’t take a genius to know that there’s pansies out there that can’t deal with a fair chance and try something as stupid as that. Plus that’s a median not an average. 21,21,21 and a 1 makes your average level 21. Please continue to provide fuel for yourself to get burned with.


“Letting everyone know they’re an idiot”, eh?


You aren’t very quick on the uptake are you. That level one that y’all Nancy girls are wanting to throw in there doesn’t match the set, therefore is not included in the calculation. You want to fake some averages, means, medians, whatever then go be accountant and earn yourself some federal time.


Okay, Mr. Quick On The Uptake.


I swear, if it wasnt for the whiners there would be 100 total people playing this game. Average level is a terrible idea, the game is fine you just need to bus tables before youre ready to host… Thus is life


:man_facepalming:t2: See this is the difference in intelligence that I was referring. I went to school and thus have no need to bus tables or host, as I am too highly educated to ever need to stoop so low. If you had any Real education you would not have tried to argue with such a ridiculous assertion.


Awe, you’re trying to spin things out of context. Do you work for Fox? You want to add the rest of that post that explains the reason it works that way. Otherwise you’re only continuing to make yourself look bad. Trolls like yourself don’t seem to be able to understand that simple concept.