Battle System- Matchup Issues!


The balancing is seriously wrong.
I finally got my velociraptor to level 9… Hey my enemy has a velociraptor level 13…
And not Just that. My commons are all below 10 except my stegosaurus, i was able to get him to 10. And my next enemy has a einiasuchus(yes the hybrid) at level 14?!?!?
How is that supposed to keep me motivated to battle. I really enjoy this game, mostly because i can play a big part of it without moving.

So, there are bots, i don’t know if they are implemented by ludia, because nearly 30% of my battles are against AI( or should i say artificial stupidity?). You register that, when their last dino changes to a weakened one. Thats silly and imho is a bad way to implement ai. Of course a part should be randomised, but that happens nearly everytime i lost 2-3 times in a row.
So it is kinda reliable. You win, you lose 2-3 times you win, cause you either get a stupid AI or a totally uneven matchup with a much lower player.
Please work on that AI and create a bit more fair matchups.
If i could find that maybe leveling one or two levels would make a big difference i could rethink the option to spend money. But in the state as is, im never willing to spend money.

TL;DR matchup really messed up. Please create wider range for finding maybe fair match or step up the AI a bit.


ya I’ve had the same issues it’s kinda rediculouse being matched up with someone who has a like 500 more trophies than u how is that a fair battle I love the game but come on how are u supposed to move up the board I might get one equally matched battle go up a few trophies just to get beat down even more the next two battles cuz I’m being matched with players 2 -3 levels higher that really needs to be fixed


Right now, the odds are that you guys are matched up with higher ranking players who drop to lower arenas to get certain DNA in the incubs there (they often forget to swap out their high-level dinos), or you’re getting matched against a spoofer who is trying to make things really unpleasant for everyone because of the upcoming (fingers crossed) ban wave.

The tournament is causing matchmaking issues in Badlands and lockdown as well. I know that a lot of the higher ranking players have been up in arms about getting shanked hard by spoofers during the tournament.

It’s best right now to just wait and see what happens when the tournament and ban wave is over. Hopefully things will return to normal.