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Battle System Question

Thought I’d get some community response before I get myself worked up over nothing.

So my lineup consists of (if you avg it out) around level 24ish uniques. They are fairly boosted.

I’ve managed to get as high as 5400 trophy level but I feel I’ve hit a brick wall. I’m constantly hovering around 5200’s to 5300’s.

Mainly because literally every match up I’m given, my opponent has a lineup that has no lower than level 28 dinos… pepper in quite a few 29s and 30s.

When I go look at their profile, I see that they are trophy level, mostly, around my same trophy level sometimes I get a trophy level 5600 or 5700 which seems more legit to me.

Is the battle system so broken that I keep getting paired up against nearly max level dinos?

I can’t see myself really getting over this hump anytime soon because if I try to boost my dinos to compete, my opponents will only be higher levels!

Or is it the ‘ol my opponents intentionally lose so they pair up against weaker competition?

BTW… I haven’t boosted my dinos much at all since the update… I think it’s a rip off now.


Above aviary is strictly trophy level. So you’re doing an amazing job staying in library if those are the other teams at that level.

Wouldn’t you know it… the battle immediately after posting this… I get a guy that opens with a level 27 erlidominus and follows with a level 30 indoraptor! I just rage quit… it’s getting ridiculous.

My highest level dino in that battle was a 28 dracoceratops which is worthless after the update and the rest of my lineup no higher than 23.

Ah okay… I may be performing at a level higher than my team’s level suggests then.

Thanks for the input!

At the same time though, if it’s strictly trophy level, opponents could intentionally lose if they are above aviary just to face a weaker lineup with their own overpowering lineup.

Yep. Nothing prevents that. But with the wait times so high at higher arenas, I dont blame people for it. I think it gets as high as 2 minutes, maybe more.

Sounds like I’m SOL until I can farm enough DNA to get my lineup levels higher overall so I can compete in those battles.

Thanks again!

This is what I’ve heard, but I don’t think it is entirely true. If I swap my team out to Level 5 dinosaurs, I hit teams that are significantly weaker.

well, that’s new information. maybe something got changed.

I’m thinking that if you are mostly level 24, and in Library at 5400 trophies, you are boosted to the moon.

The opponents you are facing are likely at your team strength. Tier 11 L24 is pretty much equivalent to a L29.

That’s could be it my low levels (23/24) in my lineup are around tier 5/6 in boosts. The couple of higher level (27 and 28) are boosted to tier 8/9

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