Battle tactics

Is this a good team

You seem to be lacking a bit in swap-utility there. Dracoceratops is definitely good, but Darwezopteryx isn’t really.

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What should replace Darwezopteryx then

I can’t tell if you have anything better at the moment, so it might be best to stick with it. Thylacotator is a good one if you can get it, Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops are decent, and Dimodactylus can be useful too. Just look through the creatures with swap-in abilities or Counter-attacks and see if you find anything you like.

Monolometrodon - Decent
I Rex - Decent
Tyrannolophosaur - Decent
Dracocera - Good
Allosino - Good
Darwezo - Good
Sarco - Decent
Utasino - Decent