Battle team mismatch

I am level 13 and was just in a battle and my team was 17 and up. The team I was up against was 1,2 and 3. That doesn’t seem quite right…


Lidia has shown they don’t care about balance. They only care about money. It want be long before people get tired of it and find another game to start playing and JWA will be a dead game. Lots of people have complained about the mismatch in the battle arena and nothing has been done about it. They figured once we get tired of losing 6 or 7 matchups just to get 1 win we will get mad and buy their over priced incubators to try and balance the scales.

Here is it yet again

Dropping arenas is the only way I can find fun in this game.
Too much lose, too much grind.
I found a way to play the game differently.
Tired of the win 1 lose 10, have switched to the lose 100, win 101 theory of advancement.
Kind of funny to see lower level players complain about facing strange and unseen creatures that devastated them and caused severe emotional distress. More exciting to sacrifice two low level creatures, then decimate their entire team.
What you likely faced was a dropper on the way down…