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Battle Team Selection


So with the rise of SIA’s and also the prevalence of running moves, I wondered if there could be a change to team selection. The team of 4 out of our 8 dinos is still randomly selected, but now we can at least select the order of dinos. I feel like this would greatly encourage and may give rise to chaining of SIA’s and run moves which would be very interesting (obviously after draco gen2 gets fixed :stuck_out_tongue: ). I am keen to hear other people’s thoughts.


This would be great. It would involve more strategy to set your deck. And allow combos between dinos

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You are right in that it would help you. But most fail to realize it would also help your opponent. So, at the end of the day, it probably doesn’t matter. But it would add another 15 seconds to setup for each battle and that’s not good over the long run.




Even though it does help both parties, I still think it’s a good idea. It only helps those who strategize around it, and so why shouldn’t they be rewarded for putting together a more complex team? Expanding the way the game can be played seems like a good way to go.