Battle team


Let us choose which dinosaurs go into the arena… not this random picker thing.


even if they do pick it let it be strong enough to beat the other opponent. or the strongest that we have in our team


Honestly, it’s fun as it is. You have a team of 8 you like and them picking 4 for you means you won’t be playing with the same 4 every time. Also means you may have to not use your raptor, darn.


Thing is I want to actually play with just four I choose. You could have a great team but get set up with four slow pokes or four that need assistance from the bigger boys. Then you get destroyed in the arena. If you are sick of using the same four, go in and modify the team. Plus I hardly use the raptor unless I absolutely have to. Like when the other guy has a raptor or I just need that last hit to win.


@Blue_Hunter Can you tell how to modify the team? I don’t know how to move them out or in


This mechanic stinks for beginning the game, I have 6 dinos and 4 of them are level 2, I always get stuck with both level 1 dinos and lose when i try to battle. I’m sure it will get better as i collect more and level up but very discouraging for a beginner to not be able to win a single match


Click on the modify button then tap a dino from your team, then click on one from your collection and get these two will swap places.


Thanks pugdaft. Will try that


Cool. Let us all know how you get on :grin:


Yes it works - just as pugdaft directed !