Battle time-outs counting as losses


So apparently I’ve managed to avoid many serious game issues until today. The 150 meg patch seems to have affected my connections. Multiple battles are lacking connections on my end and freeze at the end if the countdown, requiring a restart, only to find myself in a battle more than half over with no option but to watch a loss in progress.

This is where it freezes ^^^

And by then the idiotic bot has already suicided whatever I had. Normally I might not care, but with a supposed prize on the horizon for our ranking above 3500 I’d like to at least be at the helm of my own losses.

That’s two in a row just now where my connection failed on my end only to transform into a loss, and another earlier today.


And now it just crashed at a critical moment on the one fight I DID connect to.


I noticed the same thing. The finding opponent timer times out and freezes the game. And upon restarting the game I’m throws me in a fight. Usually the opponent has taken down one or two of my dinosaurs already.


This has happened to me also.


Yep, have been having a lot of timeout issues since the last two updates. And sometimes it takes ages to find an opponent and nothing happens until I restart the game. And sometimes it waits for 1.5mins and times out. It can get annoying waiting for that long (and if I cancel I’ll lose the match). What Ludia should do is implement some sort of multithreaded/background lobby system where we’re added to a queue and then we’re free to do whatever we want (even minimise the game) and once the server has found a match it can send a push notification and then start the timer. That way can do other things while waiting for the match to occur. Staring for a minute and a half at the screen can get pretty annoying.