Battle Timer Countdown

Why do some players wait for the timer to run down? I’m in Battle to battle and find it irritating to wait. I know some people are actually thinking, but many dinosaurs you have 2 choices, so make a choice. Also when 2 dinosaurs are equally matched it should be the player who chooses his/her move first.

I let the counter run down when I meet someone in battle whose over leveled Stegodeus/Tragoditis puts up their shield immediately when coming out against my low level dino or a fully healthy indoraptor cloaking immediately against my half dead dino or a Monomimus cloaking right after they come out when they are 2-0 up.

In most cases if your opponent waits until the end … it is a robot.

If they are actually trying to figure out the best move and trying to think a couple moves ahead, it’s one thing. I do that sometimes.

When they’ve just given up and let it expire for the rest of the match, letting the system pick the move for them, I equate that to child having a temper tantrum and laying down on the floor to make your life miserable. There will always be those types in the game.


Delightfully petty

Maybe your opponent is having problems with the connection… Maybe he/she’s doing something else while he/she’s playing… Maybe he/she just got tired of your stupid evasive/cloak working all the time and just abandoned the battle… (in that case, it might have been me)

I think it’s the exact opposite. Bots usually always respond in 3-5 secs from start of timer.

If someone is not responding till timer end, my experience has been either:

  • They are waiting for the Battle Timer and here the match started.
  • They just want to drop down trophies (many people don’t bother changing teams while doing this).
  • Some people give up looking at opponent’s stronger team/bad luck of RNG.
  • Other supposedly connection issues.
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