Battle.times out

None of the game modes works today. App unplayable. Patience wearing thin here.

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Seeing the same errors as above.

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Same problem here


Me too. So annoying.

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It s no possible…ludia speak us!!!

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Hey guys…disinstall and reinstall the game…and join the game…yessa

No… Play 2 o 3 games and crush anything…

Dear Ludia, update please?

Tried. Doesn’t work.

Yes, I’m recieving 233/235 errors, then game jams. Since last night I’m unable to battle, any form, heroic adventure too


I’ve done so twice and aside from eating up mobile data, it doesn’t help.

I lost out on the daily quest, it required 2 battles :frowning:
Well they will likely give us 10/50 gems for our losses and patience, such a very generous company.:roll_eyes:

Things like this happen in every game. Try to have patience. They will get it fixed in a day or two…

Been waiting for 6 months​:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

And no one mentions the massive diminished returns in QUEST PASS!

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Yesterday, the game was barely playable, but after updating the app wont even start. Please fix.

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Ok I was able to do Battle and Challenege so that’s a step in the right direction. Some members of my Guild are still having issues.
I’m amending this post as I just went back and got the same error codes again. I did have VIP but I dropped it for reasons like this. As a Guild leader it’s hard enough to find players that do enough to further the Guild. Then things like this happen and it just frustrates everyone even more than the daily grind. Tossing new toons is not gonna work. Listen to the players.

Yup, battle and challenge seem to work. Herouc adventure not working still.

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Nothing is working for me. I’ve lost 1000s in gold trying to run challenges. Heroic def doesn’t work.

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One of my guys said he was running fine and now it’s back to the loop/kick. I havent tried, but I’m gonna redact my it looks fixed to needs work

Same here. It’s on again, off again. I’m not running anything that isn’t free unless it’s really inexpensive. I sent in a support ticket for 450 gold, the value of the free run on Heartcoil Deeps I lost, so I can get my free run back was my thinking.

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