Battle times out?


Go to load a battle and tells me, with in seconds of going to battle, that it was timed out (Mt Sibo). Then gets stuck. Have to restart game only to find out after restarting the game, that the match was over and the opponent has won. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Yes!! @Billy_Bunting, quite aggravating! Sometimes it unlocks just in time for me to see my last dino go down. It appears that the team will attempt to continue the match even without our direction but they don’t seem to be very good.


@john so its been 9 days and still no response from Ludia or tapjoy. I purchased a case of cash on the 12th and still have not received the in game currency. I was then charged again (unauthorized) for the same price. I have submitted the emails 6 times and still no response. Please DO NOT tell me to submit a ticket either. If I do not get either my money back or equivalent in game currency, I will seek legal action. This is crap. I realize you’re releasing this game in preparation to JW:FK and it’s still in its infancy but dont take people’s money a give nothing in return or totally ignore your gamers.


Hey @Billy_Bunting, I’m really sorry to hear that this has happened, but sending our support team new tickets (or responding to your own) can cause your original ticket’s position in our queue to be changed. Unfortunately, this can be directly responsible for the delayed response time that you are experiencing. Please rest assured that, although we are currently experiencing a much higher volume of tickets, our support team is working as fast as it can in order to address your issue.


Much appreciated. I understand that with a new game that things can get chaotic. I really love this game, better than pogo and hopefully it can be just as successful. Just aggravated that $40 is wasted so far.


Sorry for asking this, but after you relaunched the weekly special epic showcase, still I haven’t got a reply for my ticket. I bought the showcase in the first hour on Monday, and it just gave me some Concavenator and other last week dinos DNA.

Should I respond again, and keep waiting? It’s difficult for me to believe this problem will get some progress before new Indoraptor showcase taken off on Sunday, after waiting for several days.:thinking:

I’ve spent bucks for the bugged showcase, and not enough bucks left for buying the new one.