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Battle tips

Ok, so I’m losing battles pretty often so do you have any tips to win

What’s your team at the moment and which Arena are you in?

Lvl 10 doedicurus
Lvl 11 diplocaulus gen 2
Lvl 11 Diplodocus
Lvl 11 Smilodon
Lvl 10 compsognathus gen 2
Lvl 12 tarbosaurus
Lvl 11 Eucladocerus
Lvl 9 T-rex gen 2

Arena: mt. Sibo

Not too bad for where you are. You have some (in my opinion) good choices with Diplodocus, Smilodon, Compy G2 and Tarbosaurus. If you can get them I recommend Sinoceratops and the epic T Rex. Having a decent swapper and a good chomper are always a worthwhile option. Ultimately, a lot of it depends what is in your collection and what spawns around you. If you can do a screenshot or two of your collection, that might help.

If you are not currently in an Alliance, try and join one that isn’t going to be too competitive (yet). Requests can really help you get some DNA for what you are looking for (Epics only on Sunday unfortunately).

Some of the more powerful creatures I have that are not on the team:
Lvl 11 Megistotherium
Lvl 11 Elasmotherium
Lvl 12 Deinochierus
Lvl 9 Suchotator
Lvl 11 velociraptor