Battle Towers Should be moved

In my opinion the towers should be moved into the Arena area. It should be possible to sit down in a safe and warm Place to do this battles concentrated. Nobody should have to stand near a loud Street for like 15-30 minutes (or more) to do the battles (especially not at -10 celcius). I think a lot of Players Would like this change and would play the Game longer without getting bored.


Someone made an interesting proposal. Once a tower has started, for example 10, you should be able to move the player to a safe area and continue playing until finished. In this way, the player should only move once and be able to return, benefiting from it without helping too much those players who never move.

In my case I can not complain, in Barcelona today sun and about 20 degrees :slight_smile:

And it would prevent the bad distribution of some strike tower :grin: